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Colleges Have a System

Colleges Target Their Ideal Fit Candidates

College is big business. Schools carefully target and recruit students they want to attend. Your job is to figure out where your student will make their radar. Click here to read an article in the Wall Street Journal that gives a bit more insight on how Colleges work.

We built the College Admissions Profile (CAP) to help families determine which schools are best for their student.

Financial Impact

College Choices Impact Your Life Long After Graduation

When you find the right school, your chance at graduating in 4 years increases dramatically. You also put yourself in line for the best financial aid available. Graduating late or missing available aid opportunities can add tens of thousands of dollars to your education. Regardless of whether you have the resources to fully pay for College or plan to finance it with loans, reducing the overall cost by finding the ‘best fit’ schools for your student is the place to start.

The College Admissions Profile (CAP) Meeting

What You’ll Learn in a CAP Meeting

The CAP meeting starts by collecting some basic information about  your student. This information then goes into our secure, private, online calculator.

We’ll show you real time how the process works.

You will then see a list of Colleges separated into two lists: ‘Likely to Admit’ and ‘Ideal Fit’.

From there you can filter the search by locations, majors, and other criteria. You can also take a deeper dive into each school’s information. And you’ll be able to see not only the cost of attendance, but the probable financial aid you’ll receive. At the end, you’ll have a great list of ideal schools and also a link to your own version of the software you can use 100% free.

CAP Coaches & Experts

Admissions Expert

Todd Fothergill

Todd is the brains behind CAP. He founded Strategies for College – a College Admissions consultancy – and created CAP as a tool for helping families find the best schools. Todd’s 30+ years of experience are packed into the CAP program.

Financial Expert

James L. (Jay) Beattey, IV

James Beattey is the author of three books, and is a frequent speaker and trainer. Not only is he a CAP specialist, but is a master at building financial affordability and payment plans for college-bound families.

College/CAP Expert

David (Dave) Anderson

Dave Anderson helped build the Get My CAP Score system. He is also a parent who has used the software to find an ideal College fit for his daughter. Dave enjoys helping families navigate the process of finding the best schools for their student.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CAP Score?

Every College has their own standard for admission. This standard is based on student data including grade point average, curriculum weight, standardized test scores, and other curricular and extra curricular activities. When combined, this data becomes the basis for not only admission to that school, but also a determining factor on the financial aid offered to the incoming student. While Colleges do not publish these guidelines to students and parents, they do report their admissions criteria and weighting each year. Get My CAP Score evaluates all this data and builds an algorithm designed to create a College Admissions Profile (CAP) Score – much like a credit score. Then, looking at last year’s incoming class, we are able to determine what ‘score’ a student must achieve to gain admission to each school. We also know that students who score in the top 25% – 40% of incoming students will be highly recruited and offered the most favorable financial packages. When you determine your students CAP score, you can then look at the schools where she or he will be best suited.

Why Does My CAP Score Matter?

While it is possible to get into College – and even get a decent financial aid offer – with knowing your CAP score, it is also very easy to apply and get accepted to schools that are not good fits for your student. When that happens, graduation often takes longer – sometimes 5, 6, or 7 years. Each of those years must be paid for without financial aid which only exists in the first 4 years of undergraduate schooling. Many students also end up dropping out or transfering schools which is highly disruptive as well as expensive. The key is to make your list of schools to evaluate based on how you will fit in. In many cases, using Get My CAP Score will introduce you to schools you never knew existed. In other cases, it will rule out schools that have academic expectations that extend beyond your student’s abilities. Regardless, finding the best fit school is a huge factor in making the College experience successful.

I Can't Afford to Be Selective. I Need an Inexpensive Local School.

The first thing most people see when looking at College is the outrageous sticker price. It is not uncommon for elite schools to have price tags of $50,000 – $80,000 per YEAR!?! For those who have little savings, those schools may seem like automatic exclusions. And that would be another huge mistake. While Colleges – especially private Universities – often have huge sticker prices, many have very generous gifting policies for students who fit their CAP profile. In fact, as you use the CAP software, you’ll see ‘bargain’ schools that often cost the same (or even more) than elite Colleges when the fit is right. Our software allows you to calculate your anticapted ‘actual’ cost of attendance to each school. For many, the results are shocking: schools thought to be ‘off the list’ due to price suddenly become cost effective options. While our software does not guarantee you’ll get an financial award, it does let you see what those schools have done historically. This information might just allow you to attend an elite school on your current budget.

Do You Offer Additional Consulting Services?

We do. The company behind Get My CAP Score is a partnership between an Admissions Consulting firm and a Financial Consulting firm. While we provide the CAP Score tool to students at no cost, we are happy to help any family who is interested in advice on how to get into or pay for College more effectively. While you meet with us, we’ll show you our College Admissions and College Financial Roadmaps if you are interested. Both are available for purchase should they seem appropriate for you. Understand, however, you are under no obligation to buy while speaking with us and there will be no pressure. These options are available only if you want them.

How Does the Free Software Work?

After you’ve seen the CAP software work in our meeting, we’ll give you a link that will allow you to register for your own access to the system. All CAP software is online (nothing to download). You log in with any computer connected to the Internet. With the software you can log in and run additional searches. Since some information changes over time (test scores, GPA, academic rigor, etc) it is possible to update your information and adjust your score. This is all available to you at no further cost.

And your personal data is never saved beyond your immediate session. No one will take your information and use it or sell it at any time. Unlike other services that harvest data to sell later, we do not. Your CAP score information will disappear the minute your log out. You can easily reenter it, but once you are done it is gone forever.

How Do You Make Your Money?

CAP is a tool used by advisors who assist folks like yourself – families with College bound students. We sell our subscription packages to them and provide training on College admission and financial issues. This becomes the bulk of our income. We also offer the College and Financial Roadmaps through our partners Strategies for College (the inventor of the CAP program) and the Velomon Group (a financial services advisory firm). Finally, we do offer the CAP software for sale to families who prefer to not engage with one of our advisors. They get the same version of the software we will offer you for free once we meet.

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