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Will College Really Be That Expensive?

No question, College is expensive. But, your true cost of College is probably not what you see on the school’s website. In fact, depending on your student’s qualifications and the schools gifting policy – yes most schools offer gifting – your ACTUAL cost might be quite different from the one listed.

I'm ready to excel

When your student is ready to be challenged, you need a school that will hold up their end of the bargain. Don’t risk a college that will not be a challenge – it is too expensive to not get the best education possible. Learn how to find which schools will match your capabilities.

I want to succeed, not struggle!

With 4 year college graduation rates at just 41%, doesn’t it make sense to find the schools where your student will succeed? Getting in is the easy part. Finding a school that matches the student’s aptitude can mean the difference between a great 4 year experience and a long drawn out struggle.

I got a fantastic financial package

Every school has a target for the types of students they recruit. And while you may make it in, if you’re not a top prospect, your financial offer will be limited. Find the schools where your student will get the top offers.

I found the perfect small school!

The choice to find the right college can be overwhelming. Find the school that fits your student and gives them exactly what they need to succeed.

The choice of a College is one of the most impactful decisions you will make in your lifetime. It will define the life and career path of the student and have huge financial impact for those who must pay.

And yet today, only 41% of students entering College graduate in 4 years. And even worse, only 60% graduate in 6+ years. For those that do graduate, 40% do not use their College education in their primary job once they get out of school. Finding the right school for your student is critical to a positive outcome.

Get My CAP Score helps you determine which schools are right for you, the student. We match your capabilities against the entry standards used by every College in the nation. This creates your CAP score and allows you see which schools will admit you, and which ones will offer you the most money. It will also allow you to estimate your actual cost vs the published price of admission.


Average 4 Year Graduation Rate

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